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Human Resources

Bergiz construction today;- transparent and open to innovation management approach,with - continuous improvement and customer satisfaction principle,- in different geographies and different socio-cultural conditions to do business have competence,in the field of new technologies and methods developed,the investor with the direction of our country to the people of new jobs created,acting on the principle of team work with specialist staff in domestic and international arena on time with high quality and efficiency is a global company engaged in the business. Being a part of the family Bergiz you the opportunity to work in a global company crossed the international norms but also a privilege to meet with you in your future success will return.

Bergiz construction,existing personnel and organizational structure and its sectors and countries,always contemporary,cutting-edge,highly respected and has proven to be a reliable organization. Bergiz experienced and equipped personnel,as well as construction,many new graduates each year to provide the job opportunities and career opportunities. Bergiz Construction,"the most valuable resources,our HUMAN"policy at all levels have adopted management team provides to its employees social,healthy and modern work environment,long-term and family warmth who want to work specifically preferred is a company.

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