Our Policy


Encouragement of innovation and creativity, creating differences in the work to provide a permanent rule, both infrastructure and superstructure works well is to try to provide the best acting selectively. Add power to the country's economy in the current source of pride for our company. Scientific way, expertise and professionalism to meet the needs and expectations of employers, but also to give the more we look for continuous excellence. Projects we have done for the realization of our clients to provide the best service and satisfaction, we provide the newest and most modern engineering and construction technologies.


Our company, we are strong in construction and contracting business, employees, suppliers and business partners to grow with, to become a global brand, has identified as the main target to increase profitability and efficiency. Our goal as Bergiz Construction;truth and honesty, without compromising standards to ensure the development of social life. The most important problems of our country in the shortest time by capturing the shortest path to success by producing the most accurate solutions aims to grow more quickly and efficiently.


With its social responsibility awareness Bergiz Construction, one of the cornerstones of its corporate culture. The company operates in all business areas and act responsibly in all geographies is this. All studies to minimize environmental impact of activities, taking precautions to protect the environment and ecological balance, minimize consumption of natural resources and the environment and the development of social consciousness and tries to settle. To strengthen the educational infrastructure to support all kinds of material and moral education of our students a lot of company in the future as well, and looking toward the future with more confidence, a solid-paced, self-confident has supported the training of our youth.


Has taken its rightful place in the construction industry, our company, quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system has identified the following as the basic policy. International standards, technology and quality in all activities the main principles by accepting customer satisfaction to provide continuity in all units of continuous development and improvement, applying resources effectively used allows to laws, regulations and ordinances by following customer requirements fully satisfy, air, land, water and other natural environments for the prevention of pollution, providing both material as well as energy resources effectively and planned use, providing future generations a livable environment to bequeath and human health and safety basic principles of Pursuing all our employees healthy, peaceful and safe work environment that they operate is our main policy.

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