Anatolian geography and Konya have been the center of cereal production for centuries. Also known as "Granary", Konya has an important place in grain and finished product exports.

When we put the most produced grain types in Konya, especially wheat, the amount of production, the place we acquired in the world in cereals, the success of the grain producers, Konya proved its place in agriculture.

Turkey's Konya and engaged in manufacturing and agriculture, which is aware of the responsibilities incumbent upon Konya Kulu Berg Hububatçılık with Thrifty in Group operates in the agricultural sector.

With 8.000.000 m2 agricultural land located in Konya Kulu, it dominates the region with its barley, wheat, rye, paddy and oat production.

Konya Kulu also contributes to the economy and benefits the farmer by buying and selling cereals that it produces from farmers.