Firstly, he worked as a subcontractor in Gaziantep Airport Project, and the works received were delivered within the promised time and with successful results. The company started to work as a contractor in 1976 and took part as a subcontractor of Astaldi S.P.A. in the works carried out in Gaziantep-Araban region in another important and big project, such as the Kirkuk-Yumurtalik Oil Pipeline Project, and the completed works were completed on time and successfully. Our company started to show itself in the sector in a short time with the fast and successful services it has shown in many other projects such as this and most importantly, it has gained the high trust of the market.

In 1985, İsmet TUTUMLU decided to 'continue on his own' with the courage of his high experience and knowledge in the sector and continued his path as İsmet Tutumlu İnşaat. In 1994, as the first move of institutionalization, he turned his private firm into a legal entity and named it BERGİZ İNŞAAT. Our company's growth since its inception has exhibited an example of the sustainable and stable performance since revealed that Turkey has taken its place among the powerful and reputable companies. In the first years following its establishment; BERGİZ CONSTRUCTION, which attaches importance to infrastructure works, was built under official institutions; Dams, ponds, irrigation facilities, pipelines, transmission tunnels, road constructions, highways and village roads construction projects.

Later, mainly road construction and hot mix asphalt (HMA) our work in the activities starting to show company, because of the jobs it has made has earned the trust of employers administrations of our country's four established one side with asphalt mixing plants and has built the highways, approximately 64 thousand that Turkey had access It has contributed greatly to the kilometer transportation network and restructuring. Our company; With its strong technical staff, professional approaches to problems and large machinery park, it has also managed to take the first place in this field, and also contributed directly to the economy of our country by creating wide employment opportunities.

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