In 1975, when I started my active business life; In our company, where we have gained a corporate structure today, I have been signing our country's important highway, railway, tunnel and dam projects with our colleagues of more than 1000 people.

With our experienced staff, work experience and strong modern machine equipment structure, we have taken a step in delivering many projects on time, in good quality and properly, and we have gained the appreciation and appreciation of all the institutions we work on in this regard.

We are continuing our work at full speed with our staff who are waiting to convey the experience we have gained in the past to future generations and to open up new business areas with great excitement and desire.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who supported us in this way and everyone who contributed to the realization of our goals, and I express my gratitude.

Chairman of Bergiz Group

Our company first;

He started his business life in 1975 with his family İsmet Tutumlu; Firstly, it continued with the construction of some of the Gaziantep Airport Project, then completed certain parts of the Kirkuk-Yumurtalik Oil Pipeline Project, took part in the infrastructure works in the Gaziantep-Araban region and completed all the works it took on time and successfully.

In 1985, İsmet Tutumlu, who left the family firm, decided to continue on the road alone with the courage given by the high experience and experience in the sector and started to continue as Ismet Tutumlu private company.

When it came to 1994, as the first move of institutionalization, it turned the private firm operating in the field of construction into a legal entity and today's Bergiz İnşaat A.Ş. has established.

Bergiz, which attaches importance to infrastructure works in 1995, was built under official institutions; Dams, ponds, irrigation facilities, pipelines, transmission tunnels, road constructions, highways and village roads construction projects have started.

Highway construction after 2000; bituminous hot mix (BSK) started to operate in works and road tunnel works.

In 2005, the company gained its first overseas experience in Northern Iraq. This region did not give up, even during the most difficult times, when the war continued, and for many years it operated in infrastructure and superstructure works.

In 2008, it gathered all companies under one roof within Bergiz Group.

When the 20-project in Turkey in 2013 was 2,000 personnel work simultaneously conduct door.

By 2019, there are over 500 km of hot mix asphalt paved road, over 30 km of highway and transmission tunnel, more than 10 large span bridge construction and many pond and dam constructions.

Bergiz Group's social responsibility awareness is one of the cornerstones of its corporate culture. Our company acts with this awareness of responsibility in all business areas and geographies in which it operates. In all his works; It works to keep the environmental impact of its activities to a minimum, to take measures to protect the environment and ecological balance, to minimize the consumption of natural resources, and to develop and settle environmental and social awareness. Our company, which provides all kinds of financial and moral support for the strengthening of the educational infrastructure, has supported the education of many confident young people, who are looking at the future more safely and progressing towards the future with solid steps.

Our company, which has taken its rightful place in the construction sector, has determined the following issues as the basic policy in quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems. Accepting international standards, technology and quality as the main principle in all activities, ensuring the continuity of customer satisfaction, applying continuous development and improvement in all units, ensuring the efficient use of resources, meeting the requirements of the laws, regulations and regulations, meeting the customer requirements completely, aimed at the air, soil, water and other natural environments. Our basic policy is to ensure the prevention of pollution, to ensure the effective and planned use of both raw materials and energy resources, to inherit a livable environment for future generations and to ensure that all our employees work in a healthy, peaceful and safe business environment by adopting the principle of human health and safety.